Black on White!

A new website, so exciting!

It brings some fresh air into your professional life, somehow; an air also thick with good purposes for the immediate future. Redesigning a website is not a job for musicians, of course, but organising its contents looks like tidying up the whole life! ‘Who am I, how do I look, what do I do, why do I do what I do?’: these the main questions which resonate in our head when we attempt a critical edition of ourselves. But they are not wholeheartedly genuine, we shall admit. In reality, we should ask: ‘Who do I want to be/appear, how do I want to look, what do I want people to think about me?’. Because a website is an open window on us, a business card; and because if your web designer is a very good one, he would capture your pure soul and present it to the world. 

So, to be fair, honest and pragmatic at the same time, I asked myself how I wanted to appear on my new website. Getting so enthusiastic for remaining authentic, I decided to open the mentioned window on my personal life as well, feeling also quite confident about changing a kind of usual pattern for classical music websites. I wanted not only a dead window on me as a pianist, but also a dynamic platform, another stage, always free and available, where I can express myself with words instead of music, still without - above all - boring my non-classical-music-amateurs friends on Facebook. 

Nothing would have been better than a blog, a private one, placed within the website. 

And here we are, me beginning to express my thoughts black on white and you reading it and maybe - hopefully - commenting it.

Whenever you fancy a break from your work or some relaxation on your day off, feel free to sneak in to my blog page, to see what I couldn't avoid to say. And remember, you can always have your say using the available tools! Enjoy it!


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