Three, Two, One…. GO!

Here I am, after few years, student again!

In the past, I was in Rome, so young and unexperienced; now I am in the UK, a bit more mature and practised (I hope). The University of Surrey will be my second home for three years from now! In fact, this would be the time length of my PhD Research. At the end of it I expect to produce a second CD of Gino Marinuzzi Jr.’s piano music to be published in combination with a book, containing the critical edition of the played scores. The idea comes from a confidential meeting with a friend in Rome in 2008. She proposed me to play the Lagerlieder and gave me the photocopies of the manuscript, telling me that I should better get used to the tiny and neat handwriting as there was not a printed edition of it. After many hours of practising and few concerts, I realised that actually that music didn’t make me bored. Truly, I felt even more attracted and definitely curious to discover something more about the composer. Unfortunately Gino Marinuzzi Jr. died in 1996 in Rome, but his family was still living in the Italian capital. I shall say I felt particularly lucky when I saw on the internet Giò Marinuzzi’s website. I contacted her and everything started since then. I discovered that Gino Marinuzzi Jr. was a world rotating around the music history of Italy, an immense family constituted by famous composers, artists, well known writers, jazz players, hundreds of students who have worked - or are still working - in music after having finished their studies. 

From the Lagerlieder I moved to the other pieces which include piano: first, the Divertimento on a traditional theme, a Theme and Variation based on the very popular Frère Jacques melody; then the Preludes, twelve very short and virtuosistic compositions in all major and minor keys with sharps. Eventually, I discovered the Concertino for piano, sax alto oboe and small string orchestra, composed and published when Marinuzzi Jr. was just sixteen years old. 

Being close to the family meant also having access to unofficial information and to his private house/studio, where all the other music sources are kept. It took me not long time to discover the existence of a massive folder containing Pieces of youth, in which there were also the Suite concertante for piano and orchestra in form of a manuscript and the Partita for two pianos published in 1941 by Carisch. 

The conclusion came immediately out: something needed to be done. The published scores are still not available because too old, no recording whatsoever had been released, the new generation would not know who Gino Marinuzzi Jr was and what he did. Not to mention the very small, uncertain, not exhaustive and sparse information about him available on the internet as well as in the official resources. The ideal solution was therefore to publish the piano scores, record the mentioned music and provide a decent, updated and valid biography of the composer. 

Here it comes the first CD, Gino Marinuzzi Piano Works, recorded by the Colli&Rubini Duo (Martina Colli and Rossella Rubini) and published in 2012 by the Italian label Tactus. Since then, I have been thinking of finishing what I started and today a PhD titled Gino Marinuzzi Jr - Part II is giving me the chance to attempt it!

I will keep you updated with the progresses of my research, hoping that you would be willing to discover more about this shy but talented Italian composer as much as I do!

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